Bezalel’s Art+Technology lab

BATLAB research and develop deep learning art+technology projects


BATlab was formed as an initiative of Miri Segal, Nir Harel and Roee Bigger in 2019. Matty Mariansky joined our core team on first year (in relation to the collaboration with Amazon). In addition, we received active support from Joseph Krispel, head of the Art Department.

BAT-lab’s members include faculty, students, and researchers, a diverse group of 15 participants from several departments of Bezalel academy. Among them students with computer science background.

Bezalel's Art+Technology lab

Current projects

Deep Dream machine

an attempt to follow and develop the proposal inherent in the Dreamachine sculpture of the sculptor Brion Gissin, we are developing a dream machine based on artificial intelligence, a system that will try to connect the images that make up the synthetic neural network for human hallucination.

3D Hybrids

3D Hybrids from generative modules

Counter Face Recognition

Face recognition apps have become an available and widespread product, we follow research dealing with challenging such methods through an understanding of the neural network. and develop a demo for this option based on Amazon’s Rekognition tool

Documentation of first Deep Dreamachine experiment, 2021